There are several things which must be done before and after your carpet is actually installed:


  1. Furniture has to be moved.
  2. Existing carpet and pad has to be removed and disposed.
  3. Pets must be put away.
  4. There must be proper air flow.
  5. Doors may have to be removed, and or cut.
  6. Trim/moldings may have to be removed
  7. Sub-floors must be clean and smooth and ready for install.
  8. Check over work.
  9. Payment of the labor portion should be made directly to Eatman’s Carpets & Interiors (by credit card or check) as soon as the work is complete.


  1. FURNITURE: Our installers will be happy to move standard furniture for a basic fee (Please discuss with your sales person what the current fee is for moving furniture) . Heavy furniture and other equipment (which takes either a professional or several men to move) will have to be quoted separately. It is the customers’ responsibility to move all the accessories, lamps, books, vases and breakables BEFORE the installer arrives. It is also your responsibility to disconnect all electrical items that have to be moved, such as tvs, dvds and computers. The cords must be fastened and ready to move. The installers ask that you remove all linens from beds. All items from tops of dressers ad closet floors, as well as underneath beds, must be removed. IF THE ABOVE HAS NOT BEEN DONE WHEN THE INSTALLER ARRIVES, AND THEREFOR HOLDS UP START TIME, WE WILL CHARGE AN ADDITIONAL $45 PER HOUR TO WAIT FOR YOU TO MOVE YOUR BELONGINGS. IF YOU HAVE TO RESCHEDULE YOUR INSTALLER FOR ANOTHER DAY, THERE WILL BE A $45 CHARGE.
  2. EXISTING CARPET: If you need to have installers remove an ddispose of our existing carpet, there is a standard fee for removing and disposing it in the landfill. (Please consult your sales representative for current price.) Before your carpet is removed, you may wish to vacuum the carpet. After the carpet is removed, you may also wish to vacuum the carpet to avoid the possibility of airborne dust and dirt.
  3. PETS – Please make sure your pets are put up and out of danger, while the installers work.
  4. AIRFLOW: Please make sure you ventilate the areas by opening doors, windows and running fans. If it is new construction, your heat or air conditioning must be up and running for at least 72 hours before the carpet is installed. The electricity must be hooked up and available.
  5. DOOR CUTTING: New thicker carpet may prevent doors from swinging freely. The installer will remove the doors and re-hang them, if possible. If the doors do not hang and swing freely, it is your responsibility to have someone come and trim the doors and re=hang them. If you do not have existing carpet, take a sample of the new carpet and cushion, place it on the floor and open the door. This will tell you if your doors will need to be cut once the new carpet is installed.
  6. BASEBOARDS/TRIM: In an existing home, if the new carpet’s pile height is shorter than what is existing, you may need to touch up your base boards with paint or stain. In addition, when installers install carpet, it is impossible not to touch the baseboards. Scratches and nicks are a definite possibility. Please expect to have your baseboards touched up after the carpet is installed. This is normal after installation process and it is your responsibility to touch up these areas. If 1/4 round has to be removed and re-installed, there will be a charge. Since the 1/4 round is fragile, it can break, and it is your responsibility to replace it. NEW HOMES: Please let your builder know what carpet and pad you have chosen, so he/she can place the baseboards at the proper height. IF the baseboards are too high, there may be a gap, and this is your responsibility to fix.
  7. SUBFLOORS: Your sub-floors must be clean, smooth and structurally sound before installation. If you sub-floor has been damaged, you will need to have it repaired prior to installation.
  8. CHECK OVER INSTALLATION: Please check over the installers work before they leave. If you notice something that you would like changed or fixed, please tell the installer at that time so he can have a chance to fix it.
  9. PAYMENT: Payment for the installation labor should be made to Eatman’s Carpets & Interiors. All of our installers are independent contractors who have been working for Eatman’s for years. Once your installation is complete, please take time to walk over with the installer to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. If there are any problems during the installation or any time within the warranty period, please call Eatman’s and we will have someone come out to resolve the problem you may have with your flooring. Eatman’s warrants its labor for one year from the date of installation.